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Telephone Management


Sky Horizon Telephone Management system is a dedicated call accounting, logging, and interface system aiming to facilitate the management control over hotel telephone revenue and cost.

The system is operational over a wide range of telephone PABXs (Private Access Board Exchange) with interface to different PMS systems worldwide, the system is also distinguished with its advanced interfaces with voice mail systems.

The Big Picture

Operational Features

Call Accounting

  • Multi-carrier system
  • Fixed charging mode based on the cost
  • Variable charging mode based on the duration
  • Complied with time duration charges and meter pulsing
  • Internet extension-based pricing
  • ISDN charging
  • Trunk-based pricing
  • Multiple extension types
  • Online receipt for pay phones
  • Online mini bar postings
  • User-defined charge profiles
  • Full online data archiving
  • House phone billing
  • Operator activity logging

Discount Handling

  • Multi-discount system
  • Public holidays discounts
  • Night and happy hour discounts
  • Discount packages based on region, destination, and extension
  • Discount bands during the same day on destination level


  • Unlimited number of PABX configurations including Nortel, Ericsson, Alcatel, Avaya, Mitel, and Panasonic
  • Serial interface
  • TCP/IP interface
  • Bidirectional interface

Night Audit

  • Ability to perform manual night audit at specific times
  • Automatic night audit
  • Front office synchronization
  • Special night audit report


  • Back office journal voucher (Sky eLight, Fidelio, and Sun)
  • Front office room calls (Sky eLight, Fidelio 6/7, HIS, and Brilliant)
  • Mini bar charges
  • Guest service calls
  • Housekeeping status
  • Internet charging interface
  • Point of Sales
  • Health club interface

Security Users & Groups

  • Menu rights
  • Transactional permissions
  • Permissions on call-level
  • Permissions inheritance

Advanced Reporting System

  • Built-in set of general and transactional reports including daily, monthly, and yearly statistical reports based on extension, department, duration, destination, and time-slot of the day
  • Customized report filters
  • Ability to pre-define and save report filters for each user
  • Ability to export the reports to Microsoft Excel and Word formats

Technical Specifications

  • Operating System (Client): Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise or later
  • Operating System (Server): Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit)
  • CPU Architecture: 32-bit and 64-bit Platforms
  • Maintenance: Automatic Backups to either Local Storage or to External Media
  • Integrity: On-demand Database Optimizer and Integrity Check Ups
  • Administration: User-friendly Administrative and Setup Tools
  • Reporting Engine: Exportable Reports to DOC and XLS file formats