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Quality Management Mobile


Sky Horizon® Quality Management Mobile (QMS Mobile) has been developed following the vision of keeping customer service and satisfaction as primary and instant as possible. QMS Mobile's main objective is to provide instant alerts and notifications to hotel service agents and management about any guest request through a standard workflow and escalation service system.

In addition to that, QMS Mobile provides the management with a top view of the service situation, thus showing errors, delays, and guest complaints on various levels; individual, departmental, and hotel levels.

In addition, QMS Mobile provides full control for the engineering preventive maintenance system. Thus, allowing the engineering team to access preventive maintenance jobs and checklists.

QMS Mobile is an online Web-based application that runs on various smart phones such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and others.

Work Order Management

  • Active Work Orders: View, post, and change status of work orders. Different views are available, this include all active work orders, overdue work orders, opened work orders (i.e., new, assigned, and postponed), and "My Orders".
  • Work Order Actions: Assign, finish, cancel and postpone work orders.
  • Work Order Details: View work order details, notes, and notifications.
  • Work Orders Summary: Provides work orders summary for any selected department, period, and/or source of request (guest, room…etc).
  • Work Orders Aging: Provides work orders aging summary for pending (i.e., new and assigned) or postponed orders for any selected department and/or source.
  • Top 5: Provides the top 5 common orders, categories, or productive agents based on finished work orders.
  • Three-period Benchmark: Provides weekly, monthly, or quarterly benchmark for the current, previous, and same period last year for any selected department and/or source based on finished work orders.
  • Guests In-house: Shows guests in-house, today arrivals, or expected departures and search the list based on room number or guest name.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Management

  • PM Checklists: QMS Mobile provides the engineering department with comprehensive Preventive Maintenance details and checklists including a complete list of PM work orders with the availability to filter by a specific week, "My Orders", or all pending PM work orders.
  • PM Work Order Actions: The system also enables the engineering team to manage and close preventive maintenance work orders seamlessly from virtually anywhere.

Technical Specifications

The following list shows all supported platforms; A-graded platforms should run QMS Mobile perfectly. However, B-graded platforms are fairly supported except a few AJAX features:

A-grade: Fully-enhanced Experience with AJAX-based Animated Page Transitions
  • Apple iOS 3.2-5.0 BETA: Runs on iPad (3.2/4.3), iPad 2 (4.3), iPhone (3.1/3.2), 3GS (4.3), & 4 (4.3/5.0 BETA).
  • Android 2.1-2.3: Runs on HTC Incredible (2.2), original Droid (2.2), Nook Color (2.2), HTC Aria (2.1), and Emulator (2.3). Functional on 1.5 & 1.6 but performance may be sluggish. Runs on Google G1 (1.5).
  • Windows Phone 7: Runs on HTC 7 Surround.
  • Blackberry 6.0: Runs on Torch 9800 and Style 9670.
  • Blackberry Playbook: Runs on PlayBook version 1.0.1/1.0.5.
  • Palm WebOS (1.4-2.0): Runs on the Palm Pixi (1.4), Pre (1.4), & Pre 2 (2.0).
  • Firebox Mobile (Beta): Runs on Android 2.2.
  • Opera Mobile 11.0: Runs on the iPhone 3GS and 4 (5.0/6.0), Android 2.2 (5.0/6.0), Windows Mobile 6.5 (5.0).
  • Kindle 3: Runs on the built-in WebKit browser included in the Kindle 3 device.
  • Chrome Desktop 11-13: Runs on OS X 10.6.7 and Windows 7.
  • Firefox Desktop 3.6-4.0: Runs on OS X 10.6.7 and Windows 7.
  • Internet Explorer 7-9: Runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7 with minor CSS issues.
  • Opera Desktop 10-11: Runs on OS X 10.6.7 and Windows 7.
B-grade: Enhanced Experience without AJAX Navigation Features
  • Blackberry 5.0: Runs on the Storm 2 9550 & Bold 9770.
  • Opera Mini (5.0-6.0): Runs on iOS 3.2/4.3.
  • Windows Phone 6.5: Runs on HTC.