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Quality Management Mobile Android


Sky Horizon® QMS Mobile Android App has been developed following the vision of simplifying all the communication channels between the service departments. Horizon QMS Mobile App's main objective is to provide instant alerts and notifications to hotel service agents and management about any guest request through a standard workflow and escalation service system.

The newly-developed native mobile app provides hotel users with an instant access to all the options related to the work request life cycle starting from adding the request all the way until completion.

In addition to the valuable work requests information, the app offers a direct access to the guest’s booking information combined with any available historical work requests records related to the guest.

Horizon QMS Mobile Android App is an online native mobile application for Android developed using the latest Android OS development tools and services that allow the user to use his smartphone camera to take pictures and forward them as QMS requests while being able to receive/interact with the notifications directly instead of using the traditional SMS messaging system.

System features

The home screen represents the personal area for the user application and it highlights the number of overdue orders and opened orders related to the logged in user and his whole department.

One of the most important features in the QMS Mobile Application is notifications handling, which allows users to receive fully detailed and interactive notifications to their mobile phones and take the appropriate action instantly from the notifications screen without even opening the application itself. Through this screen, users can also track any missing notifications.

The requests screen allows users to view all available requests according to their predefined permissions, which enables them to perform the desired actions instantly.

Users will never need to worry about any network connectivity loss, because the application was designed to work offline and sync with the main database as soon as the network connection is back online.

In the guests’ screen, users are able to browse the booking details for the guest according to the PMS system, including the guest name, booking confirmation number, arrival & departure dates and nationality.

The guests screen also shows a list for all the requests related to the selected guest profile allowing users to have a complete and clear overview on the guest’s experience and issues, if any.