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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Businesses today require the ability to interact with their customers effectively. They require a reliable and flexible way to assist their customers without tying up their valuable resources.

Moreover, hotels' increasing focus on the robust and high quality of guest service demands the best communications between the guest and service departments in order to guarantee fast and effective response to guest requests, questions, demands, and problem reporting.

In its effort to realize the above hotel needs in the most effective methods, Sky Software has developed and released its QMS IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System to work in a seamless and integrated manner with the Hotel's Quality and Guest Services Management System, QMS.

Sky Horizon QMS IVR is built on proven technology that provides a cost-effective, scalable, feature-rich, and robust solution to meet the hotel demands of today and tomorrow.

How It Works

Through QMS IVR, hotel guests and agents can report their requests problems by dialing one hotel extension number.

The caller will be guided through a set of recorded voice messages to enter the request without involving any person from the other side.

The messages will be automatically validated by QMS and the request will be posted to the QMS database, and then put in the QMS workflow system until completion and guest satisfaction guarantee.


The following advantages can be achieved through QMS IVR:

  • No need to involve a guest service person in reporting guest requests problems reporting. Thus, achieving a considerable freeing of time for the guest service departments in receiving such calls and accordingly having more focus on other more important tasks in guest service follow up
  • Having online validation for the messages that are posted through QMS IVR directly from QMS database. Thus, any wrong request/agent ID or any such important parameters will be rejected and the agent will be notified to enter the correct value again. This reduces wrong entries and ensures the maximum quality-of-service level
  • Having online database integration with the QMS database means that the posted messages will immediately be inserted into the QMS database. No need for human entry, which causes errors and loss of time
  • Achieving maximum flexibility in the sense that agents can use QMS IVR from any extension; whether in the room, floor, departments, or even wireless phones. They can report a group of requests problems in one call from any extension. Such calls will be logged by QMS for each agent for future follow-up purposes
  • Guests can post their requests through their phone sets using QMS IVR System
  • Agents can post from vacant as well as occupied rooms
  • QMS System will provide many reports that show the requests and posted problems through QMS IVR
  • Customizable QMS IVR voice messages
  • Multilingual guest messages
  • Telephone-based data entry that provides the agent with the following options:
    • Work Order Request
    • Order Assignment
    • Start Work
    • Complete Work
    • Cancel Work Order