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Voco Riyadh selects Sky Software Solutions

05 Mar

Sky Software is pleased to announce the successful installation of Bayan Human Resources Management and Jana Materials Management systems at the prestigious; Voco Riyadh Hotel, replacing its legacy systems; HITS and MC.

Bayan HRMS has immediately provided the HR department at the hotel with an optimal tool and advanced features to manage employee profiles and benefit from the comprehensive reports in Bayan.

Bayan has also enabled better control over attendance through the advanced Timekeeping interface with Nitgen time attendance machines, while granting the HODs with an access to view the in and out records for their own employees.

On the other hand, Bayan Payroll Management has obviously facilitated all employee types’ payroll calculations, including Pay slips, Accruals, GOSI and Medical Insurance calculations, while automatically handling the pre-payment employee vacations based on Saudi Labor Law. In specific, the advanced features in Bayan Payroll have provided a better control over 7 types of JVs; including Payroll vouchers, Accruals (Indemnity, Vacations and Tickets), Headcounts (Employee headcounts, Overtime vouchers, Working Hours vouchers and FTE vouchers.

Also, payroll calculations and accruals, attendance and bank details can be now automatically and separately handled for outsourcing employee type (permanent casuals).

In addition, the hotel was highly impressed with the advanced rules in Bayan Workflow Management, which provided an automatic workflow to manage employee requests and approvals, this included all types of requests such as: vacation, loans, salary advance, housing, new hires, job requisition, exit re-entry visa and overtime pre-approvals, which enabled for a better control over employee overtime.

Finally, the hotel has highly benefited from Jana’s advanced features, reports and interfaces, which have successfully provided a solid base and automatic workflow to manage purchasing and requisition cycles, recipes, cost control, inventory and all other materials related transactions.

The project included activating two important interfaces; Sun BO interface to import Journal voucher invoices, while the other interface was with web Purchasing System Future Log, which enabled the import of all purchase orders in order to continue the rest of the operations in Jana smoothly, such as receiving, requisitions, inventory and recipes.

On behalf of the management team, I would like to thank you for your great efforts and the professional experience you provided through your training sessions, which helped us to benefit from the system features at the maximum level, also your great knowledge of payroll functions supported to have smooth life system implementation , which impacted positively on the teams/users satisfaction.- Iyad Hamad -Cluster Director of Finance & Business Support

This article is intended for informational purposes only. Sky Software makes no express or implied warranties in this context.