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Sky Software Hospitality Solutions Stand Out at ART Rotana Bahrain

18 Dec

ART Rotana Hotel has lately implemented Sky Software’s Bayan Human Resources Management and FBM Materials Management systems following the vision of Rotana’s corporate office to standardize all human resources and materials management processes while applying the corporate standards and policies.

The installation of Bayan HRMS included the HR, Timekeeping and Payroll modules, providing the HR department at the hotel with a solid base to manage employee profiles, alerts & notifications, and vacations & leaves, besides having a full control and auditing over payroll calculations.

Additionally, and based on the hotel requirements, Sky Software has successfully activated an advanced interface between Bayan Payroll system and Al Ahli Bank to easily transfer all the salaries in text file format.

ART Rotana has also benefited from the paperless environment in Bayan Workflow Management System where all requests and approval cycles became easily and automatically handled.

FBM, on the other hand, has successfully offered the hotel with a flexible and automatic workflow for their ordering, purchasing and requisition cycles, which enabled them to acquire a full control over their cost, materials and inventory.

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