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Sky Software Hospitality Solutions Implemented at Bab Al Qasr Abu Dhabi Hotel

04 Aug

Bayan Human Resources Management and FBM Food Beverage Materials Management systems were recently implemented at the newly opened iconic landmark Bab Al Qasr Hotel, providing the prestigious hotel with advanced, efficient and flexible tools to acquire total control over their human resources and materials tasks and operations.

Implementing Bayan HRMS has immediately helped the HR department at the hotel build an automatic and accurate workflow to manage employee profiles, official documents and alerts, along with the comprehensive attendance, leaves, vacations and payroll calculations.

On the other hand, Bab Al Qasr was highly satisfied with the advanced features in FBM, which have successfully created an efficient and reliable base to manage their purchasing, requisition and approval cycles, recipes, cost control and inventory, while automatically import all required Journal Vouchers (JVs) from both systems through SUN Back Office Interface.

Additionally, Sky Horizon Quality & Guest Service Solutions including Horizon QMS, QMS Mobile applications and QMS IVR have successfully provided the service departments at Bab Al Qasr with a solid base to track, follow up and handle all guest requests properly and instantly while being able to assign, finish or cancel work requests by dialing the IVR number and follow its standard voice-guided steps.

Moreover, the instant, real-time and quick identifications for essential services KPIs provided by Horizon QMS Dashboard have enabled the management at the hotel to have a total control over all operational services' performance. The hotel management has also benefited from Horizon QMS G-Link, which helped in enhancing their communication with the hotel guests.

Finally, all engineering and preventive maintenance tasks, energy meter readings and consumption can be now easily handled through the advanced features in Sky Horizon Engineering and Maintenance Management System.

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