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Sky Software highlights success installations at Hotel Holiday International and Marbella Resort

24 Jan

Sky Bayan Cloud Human Resources Management and Jana Materials Management were successfully installed at Holiday International hotels. Both project were installed in a cluster multi-property mode on the group data center operating both Hotel Holiday International and Marbella Resort. Both solutions helped to provide an automatic workflow to effectively manage Human Resources and Food & Beverage Materials procedures in an online, paperless and accurate manner.

Bayan HRMS has immediately helped the HR department at both hotels to have a total control over employee profiles, official document, attendance and vacation records and payroll calculations, whereas it became easier to manage employee vacations and tickets requests through the advanced rules in Bayan Workflow.

Jana Materials Management on the other hand has successfully created a solid base to manage all purchasing and requisition cycles, in addition to make the process of handling inventories, recipes and cost control much easier than before.

This article is intended for informational purposes only. Sky Software makes no express or implied warranties in this context.