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Sky Software empowers Millennium Plaza Doha with its hospitality solutions

21 Mar

Millennium Plaza Doha has recently selected Sky Bayan Cloud Human Resources Management and Sky Jana Materials Management solutions to be implemented starting from the hotel pre-opening phase, aiming at creating a solid base for their Human Resources and Materials management related tasks and procedures.

Bayan Cloud HRMS has provided the hotel with optimal processes and tools to manage employee profiles, official document, attendance transactions and payroll calculations effectively. In particular, Millennium Plaza Doha has largely benefited from Bayan’s payroll management in calculating salaries from the first paid salary months and onwards, which helped them avoiding the errors and duplicates from manual balance entry. The hotel has also expressed their satisfaction with the "New Hire" feature in Bayan Workflow, which made it easier to match the contract and offer letter with the data entered for new employee profiles.

On the other hand, Sky Jana Materials Management has helped the hotel manage their direct purchasing cycle comply with the "No Stores" hotel policy. In addition, the hotel has benefited from the advanced back office and Symphony POS interfaces to import purchasing invoices and daily sales automatically.

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