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Sky Bayan Human Resources Management Implemented at Four Seasons Abu Dhabi

28 Apr

Sky Software’s Bayan Human Resources Management System was recently installed at Four Seasons Abu Dhabi as part of Bayan HRMS implementations at Four Seasons hotels in MEA.

The implementation featured the special integration with Four seasons corporate based human resources system which was developed to allow two-way communication ensuring data synchronization between the hotel transactions and the main corporate database.

Bayan HRMS provides the HR and Finance departments with rich advanced features and full control on their HR operations, enabling to manage employee profiles, official documents and alerts efficiently, while automatically tracking employee attendance, leaves and vacations easily through the Timekeeping interface with the hotel time attendance devices.

Additionally, employee payroll, indemnity, income tax and service charge calculations are performed accurately benefiting from the advanced and streamlined calculation features in Bayan’s Payroll module. Finally the system was interfaced to the hotel financial system allowing seamless transfer of complex HR and payroll figures and statistics to hotel financial system.

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