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Rotana Salalah Resort Implements Bayan Human Resources Management System

01 Jul

Rotana Salalah Resort has lately implemented Bayan Human Resources Management System following the leading hotel management corporation vision to standardize the human resources management processes.

Bayan HRMS provided the HR Department at the resort with an advanced total HR solution able to facilitate the handling of employee profiles and official documents automatically while eliminating all the manual forms. Bayan HR system has also helped in providing the required control over employee dependants and their ticket entitlement.

Moreover, Head Of Departments at Rotana Salalah Resort became able to manage their employee attendance and vacation balances, as they benefited from the interface between the new installed Finger Print Machines and Bayan Timekeeping System to manage employee arrival, departure, off days, leaves and subtractive hours, as well as they got the most out of Bayan advanced reporting system, especially the Attendance Sheet Details Report.

On the Payroll side, Bayan Payroll System has gained the satisfaction of Rotana Salalah Resort, as it enabled the Financial Department to deal with all payroll calculations accurately and timely, export Bank List and Cash List Sheets directly to the Banks, and manag the calculation of accrual vacations, indemnity and tickets as well as vacation salary advances.

Sky Software has also successfully implemented Bayan Sun Back office Financial interface ( version 6) noting that Rotana Salalah Resort was the first site where this interface version is implemented, which in turn has facilitated the process of importing the required JVs such as accrual vacations, indemnity and tickets to SUN system.

This article is intended for informational purposes only. Sky Software makes no express or implied warranties in this context.