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Jeddah Oasis Hotel Selects Sky Software Total Hospitality Solutions

14 Oct

Sky Software hospitality solutions were recently installed at the prestigious Jeddah Oasis Hotel, providing a solid base and automatic workflow to manage all the hotel procedures and transactions through a set of advanced features, reports and interfaces in each of the installed systems, including Horizon Property Management, Horizon Restaurant Management, Horizon Flashback Financial Management, Bayan Human Resources Management, Jana Materials Management and Sky Osoul Fixed Assets Management systems.

The hotel has immediately made the most out of Horizon Property Management system, which helped the hotel managing their front desk transactions while acquiring a better control over guest, company and group profiles, reservations, folios, deposits, and history. While being able to exchange their profile and payment transactions automatically through the advanced interfaces with Flashback accounting and Horizon POS systems.

On the other hand, Horizon Restaurant Management system was implemented as a comprehensive restaurant management and POS solution that is capable of fulfilling the hotel’s main restaurant needs through its flexibility, responsiveness and modular design, while benefiting from the PMS interface to import outlets revenue, payments and taxes to the PMS.

Horizon Flashback Financial Management system has helped the hotel manage the daily and periodic financial transactions including trial balances and balances sheet, budgets, bank audits and monthly closure through the advanced features and reports Horizon Flashback provides. Three interfaces were also activated; one with PMS to automatically import daily revenues, and payment transactions as GL voucher in FBN Accounting system, also to import city ledger invoices and collections to the account receivable module in FBN Accounting system, another interface was activated with Jana where Jana will export in daily or monthly basis the purchasing and consumption vouchers to the FBN system, and the inventory voucher will be exported to FBN system after the month closure., and the last one with Bayan to export the payroll and accrual vacation vouchers to the FBN system.

Installing Bayan HRMS has obviously provided the hotel with a reliable tool to manage all their HR related tasks and transactions in a seamless and efficient way, including employee profiles, attendance and payroll calculations, while benefiting from Bayan Back Office advanced interface to import payroll, vacations, tickets and indemnity accruals and statistics vouchers.

The hotel has also benefited from the advanced features in Jana to manage their materials, purchasing and requisition cycle, cost control and inventory in such an efficient and automatic manner.

Finally, Sky Osoul Fixed Management system has provided an optimal tool to track all the hotel assets, benefiting from the system’s advanced dashboard, inventory tracking process and depreciation calculation and reports.

This article is intended for informational purposes only. Sky Software makes no express or implied warranties in this context.