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Grand Cosmopolitan Hotels select Sky Software Solutions

09 Mar

Bayan Human Resources Management and Jana Materials Management systems were successfully installed at Grand Cosmopolitan Hotels in Dubai, UAE, as one cluster, replacing the legacy systems at the hotels and providing a solid base and automatic workflow to manage all human resources and materials related transactions at the two properties.

In specific, the HR department has highly benefited from the advanced features in Bayan HRMS to better manage employee profiles, track their attendance through the advanced Timekeeping interface with Nitgen TA machines, and accurately perform all employee payroll calculations. Employee requests on the other hand became much easier to handle through the advanced rules and notifications in Bayan Workflow Management system.

One the other hand, Jana Materials Management system has provided the hotels with the ability to have a centralized data shell to push all mutual entities from the main property to the branch one as they are using the single cluster multi-property system, while benefiting from all the features in the system such as purchasing, kitchens, Inventory, BO Reporting, Sales Module and much more. This helped perform the daily operations in a smooth, automatic and efficient manner.

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