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Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay Selects Bayan Human Resources Management System

15 Feb

Bayan Human Resources Management System was recently installed at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay as an integrated HR software solution covering all HR procedures at the hotel in an automatic, flexible, and efficient manner. Bayan has also accomplished a successful integration with Four Seasons' standardized cloud-based chain application ‘Workday’.

The effect of Bayan HRMS was highly noted by the HR department, as they found in Bayan the optimal method to centralize employee profiles and official documents while being able to track their request cycles and approvals automatically through Bayan Workflow System. They benefited from the new hire request, where new employee(s) will not be entered manually into the system. As a best practice, a request must be raised to go through an approval cycle for the request to be posted automatically by the authorized colleague.

On the other hand, Bayan Payroll Management System has allowed the hotel to successfully close all their payroll months and vouchers from April, 2014 until January, 2015. Sun Back Office interface was also configured with the right mapping needed by Oracle Hyperion EPM (Enterprise Performance Management).

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