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FBM Food Beverage Materials Management System Replacing SCM at Grand Millennium Hotel Amman

07 Dec

Grand Millennium Hotel Amman has chosen to implement FBM System for better optimized control over the various hotel materials and primarily looking for the advanced FBM features in eliminating the manual work at the hotel while providing FBM optimal method to handle Ordering, Receiving and Requisition cycles, especially with the fact that FBM is considered as the preferred system for all Millennium hotels in the region.

The Installation process included a full migration for the data from the old system (SCM), this was followed by several training sessions for all the hotel's staff conducted by Sky Software Project Manager, Rami Yacoub.

Upon completion, Grand Millennium Hotel Amman has largely benefited from the electronic signatures and the customized ordering approval cycles which provided the hotel management with a higher control over food and beverage orders and requisitions.

Additionally, FBM Sun Interface was activated enabling an automatic and smooth export for invoices, credit notes and consumptions.

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