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Fairmont Hotel Amman Selects Sky Bayan Human Resources Management System

09 May

Sky Software is pleased to announce its first Bayan HRMS project with Fairmont Hotels through the successful installation at the newly opened five luxury hotel in Amman; Fairmont Hotel Amman. The HR department at the hotel has immediately benefited from the advanced, flexible, and rich features presented in Bayan HRMS which facilitated the handling of employee profiles, attendance and vacations efficiently, while being able to perform payroll calculations accurately through the advanced comprehensive rules in Bayan Payroll system.

On the other hand, Bayan Workflow Management system has provided the hotel with an optimal and automatic tool to track and approve all employee requests, including vacation requests, change of status, new hire, loans, salary advance and much more.

Sun Back Office Interface was also activated to enable the automatic import of payroll, vacation accruals and statistics vouchers.

This article is intended for informational purposes only. Sky Software makes no express or implied warranties in this context.