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Eko Hotels & Suites shift to Sky Horizon Quality and Guest Services Solutions

20 Nov

Horizon QMS guest services web-based platform was recently selected to be implemented at the prestigious Eko Hotels & Resorts in Lagos Nigeria, replacing its legacy system; HotSOS and providing a solid base and professional workflow to handle guest requests, follow up their incidents and complains and increase their satisfaction level through, and after their stay.

The project included Horizon QMS Glitch Management System, which has instantly helped in improving the process of tracking and handling guest glitches, incidents and complaints throughout its professional instant and effective workflow of investigations and recovery of service procedures.

Horizon QMS Mobile application on other hand has granted the hotel service agents and management an online access from virtually any location to Horizon QMS data, which helped them to keep an instant monitoring of their service operations.

The hotel has also benefited from Horizon G-link System, which was installed as an online portal developed by Sky Software with the objective of helping the hotels reflect their brand and keep their guests satisfaction up through a simple and brief survey that instantly triggers various notifications sent to the concerned department and HODs to catch any negative complaint and deal with it proactively before the guest leaves the hotel.

Finally, Opera interface was activated, allowing to automatically read rooms and reservation status.

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