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Dar Al Iman InterContinental Hotel upgrades to the next generation of Sky Horizon QMS

07 Apr

Sky Software is pleased to announce the successful Horizon QMS guest services automation system migration to the latest web-based platform at the prestigious Dar Al Iman InterContinental Hotel in Madina, KSA. This is the first project for Horizon QMS web- based system in IHG. The project extended all the current rich features of Horizon QMS desktop legacy edition in addition to a dynamic structure of administrative units, centralized multi-property management, advanced user roles and escalation management and enhanced report writer capabilities with MySQL Database support (in addition to the current Microsoft SQL Server).

The hotel has immediately noticed the new features which focuses more on the feedback management while allowing the management and decision makers of taking the proper and instant action through highlighting critical hotel performance indicators benefiting from flags signaling to notify the management and supervisors about such incidents, like repeated defects during guest stay or repeated problems on specific location.

On the other hand, work orders that can't be served until the room is vacant such as paint and touch up requests can be now easily handled through the orders auto scheduling feature.

The hotel management has also benefited from the flexible job order workflow, which allowed to apply the operation standards such as flexible order timing based on shift time, room type, job type and customer VIP level. For example, for a standard bed room, make up room request can be allocated 20 minutes during day, the same request can be allocated one hour after 4:00 pm.

One of the most featured modules in the new web QMS is Guest Feedback, which is a totally redesigned module to provide the hotel management with instant feedback from the guests through an interactive dashboard, that highlights the critical incidents and includes detailed reports for each of these incident. Guest feedback can be easily collected through the G-link or the order closure, previously known as the courtesy call.

In addition, Mass SMS interface was activated, allowing the management and agents to be instantly informed of the request status via live SMS notifications and escalations.

Moreover, Sky Horizon Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) was successfully implemented, enabling the users to assign, finish or cancel work requests by dialing the IVR number and follow its standard voice guided steps. Opera Interface was also activated allowing to import guest info and events such as check in/out.

This article is intended for informational purposes only. Sky Software makes no express or implied warranties in this context.