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Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski Chooses Bayan Human Resources Management System

15 May

Sky Bayan Human Resources Management System has recently stood out at Burj Rafal Hotel Kempisnki, the luxurious, tasteful and stylish 349-room hotel. The hotel selection of Bayan HRMS as one of the best total human resources management solutions in the Middle East, after comparing it with many other HR systems in the region.

The project, which was carried out by our Project Manager, Rami Yacoub, started by installing the system and configuring its various parameters to suit the hotel needs and requirements.

Bayan HR system has served the hotel with its automatic expiry date notifications for employee profile and employee official documents, which made it easier for the hotel to follow up on its employees and be informed about their document expiry dates ahead of time.

On the other hand, Bayan Time Keeping system was installed and interfaced with the Handpunch 3000 device to easily import employee attendance records and have better control over their vacations and leaves.

Regarding payroll and financial requirements, Bayan Payroll system has proven to be an efficient and essential tool in managing the calculation process accurately without any errors or duplicates, as well as it has been successfully integrated with Kempinski’s global standard financial system (Microsoft Navision) to easily import payroll and accruals JV.

Mr. Ahmad Abbas, the Area Financial Controller at Burj Rafal Hotel Kempisnki, was very satisfied with the flexibility of the new system, especially with its large number of user-defined reports which had successfully met the various needs of the hotel.

Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski has also admired the paperless environment that Bayan Workflow System was able to provide beside its ability to automate request and approval cycles providing an optimal tool for a better communication between the management and the staff.

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