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Bayan Cloud Human Resources Management Implemented at Centro Shaheen

19 Jun

Sky Software’s Bayan Cloud Human Resources Management system was recently installed at the new Rotana hotel opening in Jeddah. This is the fourth Rotana hotel to implement the new generation Bayan HRMS Cloud system which will help the Rotana group in implementing its vision of HR database systems centralization on the corporate level thus providing central control, adherence to corporate standards and policies and consolidation of data on the corporate level.

On the hotel level, the objective of is to benefit from Bayan's advanced features and capabilities in creating a solid base to manage their HR tasks and procedures online from virtually anywhere.

The HR department at the hotel has mainly benefited from the official documents, alerts and reports in Bayan Cloud HRMS, which provided a better control over employees’ official documents through a comprehensive set of automatic alerts for occupational health card, residence expiry date, work permit and others, which would help the hotel avoid any potential incurred penalty.

Moreover, the hotel management was satisfied with the advanced request and approval cycles, notifications and email rules in Bayan Cloud Workflow System.

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