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ATICO Fakhreldin Group upgrades to Bayan Human Resources Management System

13 Sep

The Jordanian leading Food & Beverage services company ATICO Fakhreldin Group, has recently upgraded Bayan Human Resources Management system to the latest web platform release. This helped the company in utilizing the advanced multi- cluster centralized features in handling all employee related transactions at its featured properties, including ATICO Fakhreldin Group –Main office, Al Qasr for Arabic Food Compnay, Idaara for tourism investment, Asian Company, and Qasr Abdoun For Food Services.

In specific, the advanced unified rules and setup in Bayan Workflow Management have successfully provided a solid base to manage employee requests and approvals within the different properties in such an efficient, paperless, online and accurate manner.

The group has also benefited from TRAX & X2 Timekeeping Interface for employee records and vacations. Scala Back Office Interface was also activated; enabling the automatic import of payroll, vacation accruals and statistics vouchers.

Finally, Bayan Recruit system was installed, providing an efficient tool to automate the recruitment process, which include view and manage online job postings in real-time, define customized candidate search criteria, perform recruitment management tasks easily and configure desired alerts and notifications, while making the most out of the interactive dashboard with insightful data analytics.

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