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AlMohaisen Hotels Group Selects Bayan Human Resources Management System

21 Oct

Al Mohaisen Hotels Group has recently selected Bayan Human Resources Management system, which was installed in one cluster managing all HR and Payroll related operations in the group 4 hotels in Madina KSA; Al-Rawda Royal Inn, Al-Nokhba Royal Inn, Royal Inn An Nuzul and Nozol Al-Monwarrah.

Bayan HRMS has successfully replaced the hotels’ legacy system; Injaaz and provided the required optimal tool to manage all human resources operations in each hotel automatically without the need for manual or paper work, saving more time and effort while providing more accuracy and efficiency.

The HR department has immediately experienced the efficiency of the system’s features, reports and interfaces, which made it much easier to handle employee profiles and track attendance records, while being enabled to handle all employee payroll calculations automatically and accurately.

In specific, the hotels were highly impressed with the advanced rules in Bayan Workflow Management, which has provided an automatic workflow to manage employee requests and approvals.
The system is used in both; English and Arabic languages so the user can select his/her native language to be previewed in all the system’s screens.

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