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Al Maha & Hala Arjaan by Rotana migrate to Sky Jana Materials Management System

22 May

Sky Software has recently implemented new Jana migration projects at two of Rotana hotels; Al Maha Arjaan by Rotana and Hala Arjaan by Rotana. Both hotels migrated from their legacy FBM materials management system.

The hotels have successfully benefited from Jana’s flexible, accurate and advanced web features, reports and interfaces. Now, both hotels have a better control over their purchasing and requisition cycles and quotation allocation, with the ability to create, import and export quotations from/to Jana.

Inventory procedures became easier to manage with more time-saving according to what Jana provides in its inventory exception modes and the flexibility it proves in creating, assigning and re-assigning both; spot checks and inventory checks.

Moreover, the detailed and summarized reports in Jana have played a vital role in providing accurate and organized data overview for different transactions and procedures. Examples of such reports are: Daily Reconciliation Report, which provides detailed overview for the hotels' daily reconciliations transactions, and ABC Analysis, which helps measure consumption for several categories in an efficiently and accurate matter.

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