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Al Aqeeq Hotels shift to Jana Materials Management System

18 Aug

Sky Software is pleased to share the successful installation of Jana Materials Management System in a cluster multi-property mode at the prestigious Al Aqeeq Hotels in Al Madina, Saudi Arabia covering all its three properties purchase and materials management processes in a central configuration.

Jana has provided its efficient tools and automatic workflow to manage the Purchasing and Requisition approval cycles, Inventory, recipes, cost control and much more, while successfully benefiting from SUN Back Office interface to import invoices, consumptions, inventory vouchers and daily revenue automatically.

The project was also featured with activating Jana Purchasing Mobile native app, which was designed to run on both; iOS and Android platforms to facilitate the whole purchasing and approvals processes and make it available on users’ mobile devices, allowing the people in charge of approval and authorization to perform this task from personal mobile devises and receive notifications whenever a purchase request is submitted, which will speed up the overall purchasing process.

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